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We are excited to present a tutorial on “Methods of interacting with computational systems for live artistic performance” at the 13th International Conference on Computational Creativity ICCC 2022.


Participants will explore artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for live artistic performance by experiencing this new form of co-creativity for themselves.

The workshop organisers will share their learnings from staging AI in theatre performance, combining creative AI with theatre and comedy and thereby provide a playground for real-time computational co-creativity.

Participants will learn about all kinds of co-creative technologies (e.g. language and translation models, image composition and generation models) that can be used today, play a couple of basic and safe improvisational theatre games, and experience what it is like to improvise alongside an AI for themselves.

This tutorial centres around the growing use of interactive computation in artistic performance. We will present how to have fun with language models live before an audience, how improvements in image generation models fuel a new kind of interaction, and more generally, how the machine has become a performer to play alongside.

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